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Search Marketing ! How it Works

We all look to the Internet when making important decisions, there is no different for anything now weather it is dentist, food, beauty bar, CPA, Lawyer etc.. More than 70% of all customers start their search on Google. It is critical that your marketing strategy includes a consistent, effective effort that enables your practice to be found. Depending on the competitiveness of your market and use of internet , it is necessary for organic, paid and mobile, Map search to be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy.

Your company to appear on Page 1 of Google. Organic Search Optimization

Everyone wants their name/company to appear on Page 1 of Google. Fortunately, there is not a secret formula to make this happen.But it attracts 70% of traffic and Google is constantly updating its algorithm to deliver the most useful results to its customers, and we work hard to position your business accordingly. Our efforts are genuine , sustainable and focused on consistent, long-term results. We will help you for reach there with

Our Features

  • Blog Optimization
  • Directory Listings
  • Traffice Analytics
  • Ethical Way
  • Weekly and Montly Reports
  • Google + OPtimizations
  • Optimised Webpages
  • Keyword Research
  • Call/Click Metrics
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Target Marketing

We will keep your phone ring ! Get call Convertions from website too ! Get new Customers

Paid Search (PPC) Marketing

As you know many cases organic search is not enough. Due to geography , season and need or other competitive factors, you may need other tools to achieve the fast results. By combining our industrial specific knowledge and technical expertise, we are able to position your practice exactly where customers are looking. This could be on Google, Bing, Facebook. and you pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad.

We will keep your phone ring ! Get call Convertions from website too ! Get new Customers Lead convertion with google, bing, facebook and other social media with specified lead convertion tracking, You can see how effectively covered your speeding as business such as website purchases, phone calls, app downloads, newsletter sign-ups, and more. with our targeted convertion tracking allow you to do concentrate more on targeted area and customers

Weekly and Monthly Reports

We show everything, our customized key performance Indicator reports with your positions, convertions, click with a pattern analysis will give you an idea of market and market trends . The market trends and search patterns will change based on the behavior of the customer base, our behavioral analysis and competitor analysis report will help you to improve the customer satisfaction and lead to write more reviews about you.

Our Departments

We take pride with each segment of the process in caring for our clients. Each department is led by a set of experienced and talented Google or Web Technology specialists.

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